Benefits of MikoPBX for business

The MikoPBX is a low-cost, feature-rich and easy-to-configure system. The MikoPBX is based on the globally renowned and proven Asterisk telecommunications engine, which has been used on millions of systems.

MikoPBX - ip telephony for small businesses

Asterisk is installed only on Linux systems, and MikoPBX is no exception, but you don't need to learn Linux or hire expensive specialists to run MikoPBX. We've made sure that any system administrator can install and configure the phone system themselves.

on licenses, on calls, on specialists
MikoPBX saves money

Indeed, you don't need to bring in specially trained specialists to run MikoPBX. The phone system is installed on any computer or in the cloud, and is configured through an easy-to-use Web interface. The MikoPBX does not require a fee to add a new phone when you hire a new employee.
You can connect any telephony provider to your phone system and save on calls, the MikoPBX automatically selects the cheapest provider for each destination.

with CRM systems and websites

You already know that MikoPBX is built on the Asterisk engine, which is used by companies around the world. Most CRM systems can be integrated with Asterisk, which means they can work with MikoPBX.
MikoPBX allows you to manage CRM telephony, work with call records, build various reports and even communicate with your customers using the mechanism of speech synthesis.
With MikoPBX, you can arrange free call-back services from your website and make call-tracking systems to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

MIKO: Telephony panel for 1C
at the highest level
MikoPBX - a secure phone system

The MikoPBX has built-in tamper prevention mechanisms. If an intruder tries to guess the password to an employee's account, the IP address will be automatically blocked.
The MikoPBX has a built-in Firewall that allows you to differentiate access to your system so that it is only accessible from your local network, or from your branch network.
MikoPBX can encrypt phone calls so that no one can eavesdrop and intercept them.

fast recovery and transfer

All MikoPBX settings are saved in a single file. If necessary, you can save and then quickly run MikoPBX on another computer with exactly the same settings.
MikoPBX consumes minimal resources and can run on a low-cost server or as a virtual machine, together with other services in your company.
And if you want, you can deploy MikoPBX in the cloud, and you have your own cloud telephony.

MikoPBX - a reliable phone system
Flexible settings
Don't limit your imagination
Any fantasy with MikoPBX

Business is constantly changing and for successful growth it needs convenient tools. MikoPBX can change along with your business, and it has a huge number of mechanisms for you to customize its behavior to your liking.
The Programmable Application Unit adds unique capabilities to your telephony. Control different devices with your telephony. For example, you can open and close a barrier at the call, or turn on the air conditioner, or even make coffee :)
We like MikoPBX, we try to make it simple, convenient, and useful. We hope that it can be useful for your business.