Free MikoPBX features

MikoPBX - the simplest telephony for business

My name is Nikolay and I would like to introduce MikoPBX - the simplest PBX for your business.

Be customer-oriented
call queue and live statistics

Call queue is a great instrument for forming high quality customer service. It allows to take more calls than number of operators. Calls are routed to a call queue, where callers are kept and listen to on-hold music until an operator is available to respond, instead of them going unanswered. Real-time call monitoring enables supervisors to track all calls. This will improve the quality of service and customer relationship.

MikoPBX - call queue feature
Round-the-clock service
manual night switch and holidays
MikoPBX - simple telephony for business

MikoPBX will take all calls even after-hours. For weekend, holidays or non-working hours, PBX will offer the caller to leave a voice message or connect to a direct number in case of emergency. Show your customers that you care about them.

Make a conference call
Organize your conference call a couple of clicks

MikoPBX allows to create as many conference spaces/..../ as needed. Each user gives his/her name before entering conference-room just as other participants get a notice who joined or left the conference.

MikoPBX - conference call feature
Record all your calls
Access through Web
MikoPBX - call recording feature/function

Call recording is one of the most popular telephony features. It might be used for employee trainings or customer service quality control.

All calls are recorded automatically, do not require any additional actions from users. Admin can set up record filters for external/internal calls as well as for particular employee.

All recordings are saved in MikoPBX and you can get an access through Web interface.

Use mobile phone
redirecting and callback

You can answer customer calls on your mobile phone when you out of office, as well as call customers from your cell phone, and the customer will be shown a common office phone number.

MikoPBX - call redirection to mobile
Receive Email notification
voicemail or missed call
MikoPBX - call forwarding/redirecting to mobile

MikoPBX will send you a voice mail or a missed call notification email. You can check the voice mail on any computer, your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Interconnection of multiple MikoPBXs
for branch office

We recommend separating MikoPBX telephone systems for each branch office. Interconnecting phone systems will safe significant costs, as internal phone calls are completely free and employees of different offices can call through the extension number.

MikoPBX - branch unification
On-Premise or in the Cloud
all modern hypervisors are supported
MikoPBX works on server and on virtual environment

MikoPBX is based on Linux OS and can be installed on an appliance or server at your premise or in the cloud.

MikoPBX supports VMware vSphere, HyperV Microsoft, Virtual Box Oracle and Yandex Cloud and MailRu Cloud Solutions. Additional equipment such as a GSM gateway, can be connected to MikoPBX on the virtual machine to communicate with a mobile provider or analog phones

The MikoPBX administrative interface screenshots