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Asterisk inside

Telephony for your business

On-Premise or On a Cloud

It simply

Small system solve a big problem

MikoPBX is full-featured phone solution with top performance level, high stability and rich functionality. You can install MikoPBX on you own hardware or on a cloud.

MikoPBX is free phone system with some paid extensions like CTI client or CRM integration module. All basic business functionality are absolutely free.

There are easy and convenient web interface, call recording, conference calls, voice mail, call transfers and pickup, call queues, interactive voice response(IVR) menu, inbound and outbound call rules, holidays and nighttime calls switcher. Also MikoPBX has custom call-flow programming module and marketplace with paid and free extensions.

Hand holds the MikoPBX on flash card
Hand holds the MikoPBX on flash card
Promo video about MikoPBX =)

But it is not all. Look at all its features


The main advantages of the system

Best quality-price ratio

MikoPBX is completely free.
You can use add-ons that extend the capabilities of your PBX.

No additional cost

MikoPBX does not license each user. Expand your company without additional costs for new employees or call recordings!

Support any IP phones

MikoPBX is compatible with any IP phones. Snom phones can be provisioned and thus configured remotely from the MikoPBX web interface.

Any call flow

Call queues, IVR, call forwarding and call groups, transfers to mobile phones - create any call flows and always be in touch!

CTI Client

MikoPPX CTI client allow you to make and receive external and internal calls on your computer.

Easy manage via browser

Don't want to deal with Asterisk? Do you want a simple and flexible telephony? MikoPBX is the best choice! Easy to install and manage via web interface by yourself!

Save your old phones

Do you already use analog phones? There is no way to change the entire phones to IP? You can use Voip gateway with MikoPBX.

Automatic call recordings

Are you use ITSP and pay for every call recording? MikoPBX collects and stores all your recordings for free!