MikoPBX for professionals

MikoPBX for admin

MikoPBX is an open standards IP PBX based on Asterisk. It contains 3 parts: Linux - operation system, Asterisk - telephone system and friendly Web interface such as Elastix or FreePBX. The main differences are simple web interface, lightweight software platform and read-only operating system.

Upgrade via Internet

MikoPBX provides automatic system upgrade via internet. You will be notified as soon as a new version is released, and can upgrade in one click.

Automatic update in MikoPBX
new opportunities in telephony
Add-inns library in MikoPBX

MikoPBX is a simple PBX suitable for most companies. But if you need a more options, we recommend refer to commercial Modules. There are modules for integration with popular CRM, auto provision modules for different IP phones, integrations with popular messengers chatbots etc.

Powerful Firewall

MikoPBX uses Iptables service to filtering incoming traffic. You can add list of firewall rules in web interface.

Iptables in MikoPBX
Ptorection from brute-force attacks
Hacking built-in protection in MikoPBX

MikoPBX has proactive intrusion prevention software that protects PBX from brute-force attacks. If you have your PBX exposed to the Internet, you may see someone brute forcing for SIP-ID and SIP password. MikoPBX will put their IP addresses to the black list and get blocked automatically.

Install on any hardware
or on virtual server

You decide where to run MikoPBX. You can use any server(if you need analog boards) or virtualize with Azure, Amazon or Google Cloud.

Visualization support in MikoPBX
Quick restore
and transfer
Archiving and recovery system in MikoPBX

MikoPBX can create a backup with all configuration files. In case of soft failure you are able to open a copy of telephone system with all settings or get back to automatic recovery point. MikoPBX can be also installed to USB and use it for your server loading.

Agile network interface setup
with VLAN support

MikoPBX can be installed in any domain. Even if there is a complex topology used in your network you can set any number of necessary network interfaces and VLAN subnetworks for good quality secured connection.

Network interface setup in MikoPBX
Telephony programming
PHP-AGI and DialPlan
Dialplan programming in MikoPBX

In the MikoPBX web interface you can write software modules to extend the MikoPBX functionality. Asterisk dialplan and PHP-AGI modules are supported. It can be used for complex custimization.